GCG is the premier global provider for class action settlement administrations, restructuring and bankruptcy matters, mass tort settlement programs, regulatory settlements and data breach response programs. For complete information, visit our website at www.choosegcg.com

Services Include

  • Class Action & Mass Tort
    Broad experience in class and mass action administrations including antitrust, civil and human rights, consumer and product defect, data breach, environmental, ERISA, labor and employment and securities matters.
  • Restructuring & Bankruptcy
    Industry leading reorganization services relating to chapter 7, chapter 9, chapter 11, chapter 15 cross-border proceedings, creditors’ committee assistance and out-of-court restructurings.
  • Data Breach
    Complete and customized data breach services ranging from breach prevention strategy to first responder breach notification outreach and damage mitigation. 
  • Legal Notice
    In-house notice & media agency team with experience designing hundreds of notice programs in more than 40 languages in approximately 170 countries.  
  • Contact Center & Business Process Outsourcing
    60,000 square foot state-of-the-art mail, processing and contact center in Dublin, OH, with full-service call center support, mail fulfillment, database storage, audit control, and other capabilities.


  • Work with the best
    For seven years in a row, GCG has been among the top settlement administrators in the country, as measured by leading legal publications.
  • Wide expertise
    With more than 100 former attorneys on staff, including many who practiced class action and bankruptcy law, GCG has the expertise to assist on every aspect of the legal administration process.
  • Cutting-edge Technology
    GCG develops and uses secure technology, processes and procedures to enhance our quality, accuracy and speed of execution.
  • Accuracy, Efficiency and Fraud Prevention
    Our proprietary programs ensure accurate and efficient processing and award calculations. Dedicated fraud prevention and compliance teams protect our clients’ privacy and the settlement funds entrusted to our care.
  • We are Certified
    GCG’s commitment to data integrity throughout every administration we handle is evident in our long-running SOC 2, Type 1 Certification and adherence to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 and HIPAA.


For more information, contact us at 800.327.3664 or visit our website at www.choosegcg.com