Crawford Compliance

Crawford Compliance

Crawford Compliance, is a modular software platform which houses pertinent and easily accessible data for contractors and commercial enterprises that utilize independent contractors. From the tracking and maintenance of licenses, certifications, health and safety training and insurance documents to assingment of tasks, this software system offers complete transparency around scheduled appointments, progress of work, details of completed work and credentials of contract workers.

It is all about the TRACKERS!!

Crawford Compliance’s software suite is comprised of “TRACKERS” each of which perform their own unique function. See the tabs below for further information.

Janitorial Tracker®

Janitorial Tracker enables our clients to have full insight and access complete details of all contracted building maintenance work.


  • Real-time verification of professional certifications, licenses and health and safety training through the use of QR code scanned photo ID badges 
  • Exchange of real-time data between contractors and their hiring client 
  • Track time spendt onsite and full details of completed work 
  • Manage and reduce risk and liability through effective documentation, maintenance of quality workmanship and regulatory compliance

Grounds Tracker®

Grounds Tracker is a software tool that enables our clients to manage and task out contract landscaping and grounds maintenance work.


  • Real-time weather alerts to help manage work scheduling 
  • Geo-fencing feature to creates a virtual perimeter around the property to ensure work is rendered within the assigned area 
  • Material usage reporting includinges type and quantity of fertilizers, soils, greenery, grass seed, sod, etc.

Equipment Tracker™

Equipment Tracker is a software tool that helps our clients keep track of the location, status and condition of their medium to large-sized equipment.


  • Real-time location and condition of equipment per location (inventory control) 
  • Equipment login/logout function 
  • Equipment condition and status log (notation and photo capturing) 
  • Capability to create inventory reports and associated maintenance schedules and equipment budget management (including capital, maintenance and repair budgets)

Snow Tracker®

Snow Tracker is a software tool that provides our clients with full oversight and details of hired, contracted snow and ice removal services.


  • Complete records of all aspects of work rendered, captured in real-time and time stamped 
  • Geo-fencing feature to create a virtual perimeter around the property to ensure work is rendered within the assigned job site 
  • Material usage reporting including type and quantity of melting product 
  • Ability to effectively identify any potential exposures and address them, such as origin and cause of past incidents 
  • Documentation to support that all possible measures were taken to ensure the safety of tenants and other pertinent parties

Tenant Tracker™

Tenant Tracker is a tool that enables landlords to keep track of insurance certificates, occupancy or content insurance as required by lease or rental agreements.


  • Prompt notifications of upcoming policy or certificate expiration
  • The centralization of data helps to streamline administrative processes 
  • Reduce landlord liability by ensuring proper tenant insurance is in place 
  • Protects tenants in the event of an incident resulting in their belongings being damaged